fuel filter original Kubota

15231-43560 ANT-101760


fuel filter original Kubota

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14,64 €

14,64 €

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Original Kubota fuel filter, suitable for the following types:

Kubota Aste A-13
Kubota Aste A-14
Kubota Aste A-15
Kubota Aste A-155
Kubota Aste A-17
Kubota Aste A-175
Kubota Aste A-19

Kubota B1200
Kubota B1400
Kubota B1500
Kubota B1502
Kubota B1600
Kubota B1702

Kubota B6000
Kubota B6001
Kubota B7000
Kubota B7001
Kubota B7100

Kubota Bultra B1-14
Kubota Bultra B1-15
Kubota Bultra B1-16
Kubota Bultra B1-17

Kubota GB16
Kubota GB18

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