hub navel wheel original Kubota

67980-82400 ANT-102832


hub navel wheel original Kubota

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67980-82400 original Kubota wheel hub, suitable for the following tractors:

Kubota XB1
Kubota B1-14
Kubota B1-15
Kubota B-10
Kubota B40
Kubota B5000 B5001 B5100 B7000 B7001 B7100 B6000 B6001 B6100 B6200 B1400 B1402 B1500 B1502 B4200 B2150 B1750 B1550
Zen-Noh ZB5000 ZB5001 ZB7000 ZB7001 ZB7100 ZB6000 ZB6001 ZB1400 ZB1402 ZB1500 ZB1502
Kubota Aste A13 A14 A15 A17

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